• Tondre: A Highlands’ ‘Grand Cru’
    "Tondre: A Highlands’ ‘Grand Cru’"

Tondre Vineyard

Tondre Alarid began planting Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling more than twenty years ago on the family’s ranch in the heart of the Highlands. Today his son Joe Alarid is one of the SLH’s best known winegrowers, with over 100 acres on the lower part of the Bench, right above River Road. Joe lives on the estate and knows every block, every row. “Tondre Grapefield” shows up as the vineyard source on some of California’s most prestigious Pinot Noir labels. Mooney Familys' first harvest from Tondre Grapefield was in 2014: “This is a special property, with many wineries vying for its fruit – we’re fortunate to get our share each vintage."