Now in its 13th leaf, the quality of the Chateau Margene estate vineyard has consistently proven itself to be truly exceptional. 

Estate Vineyard

Our vineyard’s soils vary from fine sandy loam to clay loam. The hot summer days are offset by the cooling effects of the Templeton Gap winds each afternoon. Of the 6 acres planted, 5 1/2 are devoted to Cabernet Sauvignon leaving the remaining 1/2 acre to a mix of Cabernet Franc & Merlot.  Year to year the diurnal temperature here swings really help the acid level and balance of our vines.  We are strong proponents of balanced vineyards, which are typically lower yields with more extreme viticulture practices.  Those practices include one bud spur pruning, deficit irrigation, shoot/cluster thinning and leaf removal (to increase sunlight to the fruit) blah, blah blah.  If you really want to dig into this kind of stuff, just make an appointment with Michael at the estate tasting room and he can elaborate.  Sustainable farming practices are incorporated, for the long term benefit of the vines, and we believe, it will bring us consistent quality fruit.  The grapes are always hand picked at peak ripeness to achieve maximum varietal and site expression. 

Other Fruit Sources

90% of the fruit we use for our wines are grown by our local friends & growers, who we work very closely with.  This year, we are contracted with 6 growers in the Paso Robles AVA and two growers in the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA to purchase high-quality, superior fruit. Those vineyards are in varying microclimates lending diversity of flavors. All have very strict parameters for water usage, crop load and pick dates, for optimum ripeness.

The wine artisty and blending begins with the assimilation of various varietals and select vineyards.  Michael blends fruit the from the various vineyards to create the Chateau Margene, Mooney Family and El Pistolero family of wines.  Wines can be in the barrel from 11 to 36 months, depending on the varietal, flavor profiles and winemakeing style desired.

Fulfill your passion for luxurious Central Coast wines at Chateau Margene!  Don't believe it?  Try us!!!

Cheers, Michael